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Discussion of Problem 1658. Sum of Digits

Some special test plsHemaeg1658. Sum of Digits8 Jul 2019 14:235  
testsPiratek-(akaDK)1658. Sum of Digits23 Dec 2018 14:414  
WA2 please helpGhiorghiu Ioan-Viorel1658. Sum of Digits25 Dec 2017 04:151  
WA 1Raman Gupta1658. Sum of Digits18 Jul 2017 18:403  
RE4(Access Violation)Vova1658. Sum of Digits9 May 2017 13:102  
For all those failing test 2Grape1658. Sum of Digits26 Aug 2016 07:220  
WA 2Vova1658. Sum of Digits28 Feb 2016 07:371  
Help WA4sherbina_evgeniy1658. Sum of Digits30 Oct 2015 15:122  
Why wa 4?bayram1658. Sum of Digits4 Jun 2015 14:372  
If you have TLE in javaCebotari Vladislav1658. Sum of Digits15 May 2015 21:400  
If you have WA2hliu201658. Sum of Digits11 Jun 2014 02:511  
0.14, 16914 kb :)Vit Demidenko1658. Sum of Digits23 Oct 2013 16:571  
MLE4ONU_Antananarivu1658. Sum of Digits23 Oct 2013 16:562  
No subjectAzat Yusupov(TUIT Urgench)1658. Sum of Digits8 Nov 2011 13:110  
Please help mesign_in1581658. Sum of Digits13 Oct 2011 19:460  
Guy could you please give me some hint?Vasiliy1658. Sum of Digits24 Oct 2010 19:290  
What is your idea of solution?Vedernikoff Sergey (HSE: EconomicsForever!)1658. Sum of Digits17 Mar 2010 14:102  
at last i solved itRustam1658. Sum of Digits10 Oct 2009 04:120  
Can somebody give me some hint ? Crusader1658. Sum of Digits3 Mar 2009 15:4810  
Fine solution =)Teacher301658. Sum of Digits11 Jan 2009 15:488  

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