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Discussion of Problem 1679. Scrooge's Tower

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what is wrong????dota2eexim1679. Scrooge's Tower1 Dec 2016 18:471  
It is not seriousZamNick1679. Scrooge's Tower6 Feb 2014 18:131  
WA#12soloviyova_ssau1679. Scrooge's Tower18 Nov 2013 12:068  
Crash (floating-point invalid operation)PolyZonder1679. Scrooge's Tower24 Dec 2012 07:002  
No subjectALEX1679. Scrooge's Tower9 Oct 2011 15:481  
WA on test #4ahmedov(NUUz_2)1679. Scrooge's Tower20 Aug 2011 18:483  
Float number precision kills, use integer calculations will doNeal Zane1679. Scrooge's Tower27 Jan 2011 02:098  
Good problem. Use only integer calculationsСеровиков Андрей1679. Scrooge's Tower6 Jan 2011 17:385  
I've used an obviously wrong algo and received WA6Sevenk1679. Scrooge's Tower18 Oct 2009 15:581  
WA #10. I need test.Глащенко Никита1679. Scrooge's Tower3 Apr 2009 21:1514  
who overcame WA#24, what's the problem?strider1679. Scrooge's Tower19 Jan 2009 12:322  
Nice Solution [Not Code]Michail Yudin1679. Scrooge's Tower18 Jan 2009 21:472  
WA14 Need tests. Here my codeMichail Yudin1679. Scrooge's Tower18 Jan 2009 14:271  
What is the possible Epsilon for this problem?Igor Dex1679. Scrooge's Tower13 Jan 2009 19:111  
WA10Michail Yudin1679. Scrooge's Tower11 Jan 2009 11:221  
No subjectMadi1679. Scrooge's Tower11 Jan 2009 11:173  
WN on test4ahmedov(NUUz_2)1679. Scrooge's Tower10 Jan 2009 17:111  
why?Ali1679. Scrooge's Tower10 Jan 2009 16:117  
No subjectMadi1679. Scrooge's Tower10 Jan 2009 14:041  

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