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Discussion of Problem 1684. Jack's Last Word

Another approachandreyDagger1684. Jack's Last Word22 Sep 2021 20:340  
WA on TEST 20Ashiqur Rahman Nayeem1684. Jack's Last Word28 Mar 2020 04:351  
Prefix definitionghenady1684. Jack's Last Word21 Sep 2018 12:111  
KMPHusayn Hasanov1684. Jack's Last Word29 May 2018 09:480  
Random Test Cases Aditya Singh1684. Jack's Last Word14 Nov 2017 17:280  
give me some test, please !!!Sunnat1684. Jack's Last Word6 Apr 2017 20:572  
for WA 26Arseny Babushkin (aytel)'`1684. Jack's Last Word17 Oct 2016 20:100  
WA 3! Felix_Mate1684. Jack's Last Word2 Jan 2016 14:590  
WA 3! HELP!!!!Felix_Mate1684. Jack's Last Word28 Nov 2015 16:170  
WA 1!!! HEEEEEEEELP!!!Felix_Mate1684. Jack's Last Word13 Jul 2015 18:590  
a test case for WA#4jieshuzheng1684. Jack's Last Word27 Nov 2014 22:111  
Output Limit ExceededAlexDevyatov1684. Jack's Last Word9 Jul 2014 23:080  
For everyone who thinks that his solution( C++ ) is correct, but has TLE.. PersonalJesus1684. Jack's Last Word30 Jan 2014 23:224  
A test may be help you get AC!yuyan1684. Jack's Last Word28 Dec 2013 05:282  
WA 10Sunnat1684. Jack's Last Word3 May 2013 15:200  
TLE 9Facundo1684. Jack's Last Word19 Apr 2013 20:560  
Help plzACSpeed - Nguyen Khac Tung1684. Jack's Last Word7 Oct 2012 20:551  
Why not "abra bra cada"Kumaar1684. Jack's Last Word7 Oct 2012 19:373  
If you have WA#3bsu.mmf.team1684. Jack's Last Word7 Oct 2012 19:331  
Testnobik1684. Jack's Last Word22 Jun 2012 15:460  

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