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Discussion of Problem 1685. Orthography

Easy ~[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1685. Orthography13 Mar 2023 21:235  
please check my code WA 3Raman Gupta1685. Orthography3 Feb 2019 13:553  
My solution in Python 3 took 0.078 seconds and 516 KB with recursion. Can you do it faster?Dhruv Somani1685. Orthography18 Aug 2018 18:461  
Какой формат вывода?Felix_Mate1685. Orthography10 May 2016 23:171  
Test 15 is a space or multispace!! Be careful!!Nguyen Trung Hieu1685. Orthography20 Jan 2014 10:260  
How this : "orthography, we get gtorhoprahy",I can't understandPegasus1685. Orthography15 Nov 2012 19:530  
Correct answer for test_-Re@l-_1685. Orthography5 Jul 2012 15:091  
WA#8Vitaliy Karelin1685. Orthography22 Jun 2012 19:202  
Correct answer for test_-Re@l-_1685. Orthography1 May 2012 15:532  
What is answer to "один глаз, один рог, но не носорог"?silveracm31685. Orthography7 Oct 2011 19:292  
why?aaa1685. Orthography23 Aug 2011 15:065  
WA1, please give testVasily Slesarev1685. Orthography5 Jul 2011 01:111  
To all who got wa17sklyack1685. Orthography5 Feb 2011 00:490  
No subjecthhh1685. Orthography23 Sep 2010 20:573  
Need data.. plz (wa1)Ivan1685. Orthography12 Mar 2010 22:000  
Be careful on different OSaSSault1685. Orthography6 Oct 2009 16:090  
what to do with punctuation marks?Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1685. Orthography10 Aug 2009 12:010  
Crash #8Ivan Zdomskyy_IvanoFrankivsk_SU1685. Orthography4 Mar 2009 20:552  
Input of the Test #15 is just one character!gio_gio1685. Orthography1 Mar 2009 17:170  

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