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Discussion of Problem 1705. Gangster Hares

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[n/m]==[n/(m+1)]Wang Jia1705. Gangster Hares29 Dec 2014 20:395  
Any hintsVNXtreMe1705. Gangster Hares4 Jan 2012 14:461  
SolutionMichail Yudin1705. Gangster Hares11 Sep 2011 17:0110  
why time limit on test#3?lolpwnZzzz1705. Gangster Hares22 Nov 2010 00:061  
WA#3 what is test 3.xurshid_n1705. Gangster Hares19 Aug 2009 09:194  
WA #4 HELP MEQuyon1705. Gangster Hares19 Aug 2009 09:161  
how about n=1?TNT_wjx1705. Gangster Hares19 Aug 2009 09:149  
Why I got wrong answer on test 6?Bright1705. Gangster Hares16 Aug 2009 04:003  
TLE test 3!!!!vk1705. Gangster Hares2 May 2009 16:385  
I don't understand the problem statement. Anonymous1705. Gangster Hares26 Apr 2009 21:573  
Admins, what are you doing?Victor Barinov (TNU)1705. Gangster Hares5 Apr 2009 15:322  
How to solve it?birrd1705. Gangster Hares5 Apr 2009 08:382  
I can't understand?yaho0o01705. Gangster Hares4 Apr 2009 13:431  

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