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Discussion of Problem 1709. Penguin-Avia

If you have WA5 (C++)👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1709. Penguin-Avia22 Feb 2021 01:270  
ПодсказкаNurs1709. Penguin-Avia19 Jan 2021 14:540  
WA 5Ildar Valiev1709. Penguin-Avia19 Mar 2018 04:1115  
WA6xurshid_n1709. Penguin-Avia2 Oct 2016 11:078  
HintFrankey1709. Penguin-Avia28 Jul 2015 17:563  
WA4Husan1709. Penguin-Avia4 Jun 2015 11:313  
LONG LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kostya19961709. Penguin-Avia15 Oct 2014 11:070  
wa #1hyesun1709. Penguin-Avia22 Apr 2014 16:251  
How to make graph connected fast? Andrew Sboev1709. Penguin-Avia27 Dec 2013 10:511  
Why it's wrong or how to solve this problem???yutr7771709. Penguin-Avia27 Dec 2013 10:500  
what is the test 13hell_boy77251709. Penguin-Avia15 Apr 2013 23:220  
[AC]Karpov Alexandr1709. Penguin-Avia13 Apr 2013 08:461  
What is Test #2 ??Nguyen Doan Quoc Phong1709. Penguin-Avia11 Apr 2013 23:011  
What is the test 5??[TH2011/1]11123961709. Penguin-Avia29 Mar 2013 19:344  
useful for wa#6Barsuk Alexey [Pskov]1709. Penguin-Avia9 Feb 2013 18:531  
So stupid error。。。。ZLqiang1709. Penguin-Avia23 Jul 2011 07:500  
Hi all,I have just accepted this problem ,my time is 1s,i know why,because my Prime(MST) algo is very slow ,who can give me Prime algo (c++).Hrayr1709. Penguin-Avia8 Jul 2011 23:171  
HintFrankey1709. Penguin-Avia26 Jul 2009 21:260  
WA6 please tell me some hintfuch_prog_er1709. Penguin-Avia3 May 2009 01:250  
Crash on test 1MOPDOBOPOT1709. Penguin-Avia9 Apr 2009 19:211  

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