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Discussion of Problem 1713. Key Substrings

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(SPOILER) My solutionAlikhan Zimanov1713. Key Substrings5 Jun 2020 11:381  
WA test 2andrei parvu1713. Key Substrings27 Mar 2020 11:046  
WA3pizdec1713. Key Substrings15 Aug 2018 14:221  
Hash is not working. HELP!Pavel Kovalenko1713. Key Substrings11 Mar 2018 02:443  
if you have wa#7Baurzhan1713. Key Substrings13 Aug 2017 20:072  
=(Dima Kravtsov1713. Key Substrings11 Jul 2017 18:0610  
Don't waste your time to binary search without hashMahilewets1713. Key Substrings10 Jul 2017 19:062  
WA test 3Lament of the Highborne1713. Key Substrings20 Sep 2016 07:351  
wa #7Baurzhan1713. Key Substrings6 May 2015 20:165  
Memory limitBogdan Holyshevskyi1713. Key Substrings15 Nov 2012 13:511  
Time limit exceededMervin1713. Key Substrings24 Jul 2011 15:1917  
TestswRabbits_AlMag(VNTU)1713. Key Substrings22 Jul 2011 16:521  

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