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Discussion of Problem 1716. Alternative Solution

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O(1) FormulaSereja Slotin1716. Alternative Solution28 Jul 2017 20:453  
wa 13LastOne1716. Alternative Solution20 Jun 2017 22:592  
hintBriana Banks1716. Alternative Solution9 Dec 2014 20:451  
wa 11Zhang Ye1716. Alternative Solution10 Aug 2014 19:504  
Can anybody interpret the promblem for me? thxppchain1716. Alternative Solution13 Feb 2013 18:082  
I do not know how to solve it in C++.Martin1716. Alternative Solution13 Feb 2013 18:063  
Unexpected helphull problemsvr1716. Alternative Solution30 Aug 2010 12:346  
It's really better to think ten times before writing a solution...messir1716. Alternative Solution26 Aug 2010 18:281  

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