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Discussion of Problem 1723. Sandro's Book

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The Power of C#Hikmat Ahmedov1723. Sandro's Book15 Sep 2022 08:546  
Goog morning ProgrammersHumoyun[IT of TUIT]1723. Sandro's Book7 Apr 2022 22:012  
Wrong answer on test 28Emanuelco071723. Sandro's Book20 Apr 2021 20:081  
Задание с подвохом? (спойлер)Desserg1723. Sandro's Book22 Dec 2020 22:553  
abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxyzMinos Skistonrak1723. Sandro's Book1 Oct 2018 19:082  
WA 4Jonnathan1723. Sandro's Book6 Apr 2017 20:502  
WRONG answer 5jakhongir1723. Sandro's Book12 Oct 2016 23:411  
WA10Bogdan Devichev1723. Sandro's Book7 Sep 2016 17:572  
16 тестtideee1723. Sandro's Book19 Aug 2016 01:372  
In fact, it's easy to wrap aroundzhangweilst1723. Sandro's Book4 Jan 2016 15:291  
Troll ProblemSuraj1723. Sandro's Book26 Oct 2015 21:582  
This Problem more looks like a joy! - Careful - telling you why.BillSu1723. Sandro's Book25 Apr 2014 16:351  
Help! Why do i get Runtime error on test 1?sialLeo1723. Sandro's Book14 Apr 2014 22:021  
someone help me to understand the question?Maral1723. Sandro's Book3 Apr 2014 16:041  
WA on #16Evgeniy_Chernobrovkin(MUCTR-2013)1723. Sandro's Book22 Jan 2014 03:451  
Trolledძამაანთ [Tbilisi SU]1723. Sandro's Book1 Aug 2013 20:021  
WA3 I cant find the errorArturo1723. Sandro's Book27 Jul 2013 05:491  
Help me Why my programm is wrong way? Why test 5?Adhambek1723. Sandro's Book18 May 2013 09:291  
about abababadata lapiashvili1723. Sandro's Book15 Feb 2013 13:255  
How can my program get AC even it returns wrong answer for the first test?JAVATAR1723. Sandro's Book16 Oct 2012 07:383  

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