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Discussion of Problem 1735. Theft of the Century

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if k<=n-2 then no solution?Felix_Mate1735. Theft of the Century26 Jun 2016 10:591  
Some little hintMickkie1735. Theft of the Century10 Jun 2015 21:481  
Problem with WA#11 - Is there a way to find what the test data is? Thanks in advance for repliesskumar77771735. Theft of the Century31 Mar 2010 19:201  
Who can explain the right solution?(-)Programmer1735. Theft of the Century9 Nov 2009 02:001  
Can someone explain the sample to me plz?enoyps1735. Theft of the Century6 Nov 2009 07:411  
give me some test pleaseLeks1735. Theft of the Century6 Nov 2009 02:577  
What's test 6k_zaki1735. Theft of the Century1 Nov 2009 22:241  

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