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Discussion of Problem 1768. Circular Strings

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WA 3Otrebus1768. Circular Strings1 May 2021 17:301  
Some useful testsplatonshubin1768. Circular Strings2 Dec 2017 14:142  
WA 12 MOPDOBOPOT (USU)1768. Circular Strings2 Dec 2014 20:422  
WA 37!IgorKoval(from Pskov)1768. Circular Strings6 Feb 2012 23:542  
WA #4[SESC USU] Zhirov Eugene1768. Circular Strings6 Feb 2012 23:352  
2 admins - 2DK [Samara SAU]1768. Circular Strings26 Oct 2011 00:3411  
Some questions on the problemmago_nn1768. Circular Strings7 Feb 2011 19:323  
Please help meTigran92[RAU_902]1768. Circular Strings19 Nov 2010 20:071  
Test 18bsu.mmf.team1768. Circular Strings24 Oct 2010 11:2711  
PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG??????HTL[1 course of RAU]1768. Circular Strings18 Apr 2010 19:371  
2 adminsDK [Samara SAU]1768. Circular Strings14 Apr 2010 04:033  
wtfLNU United [Lviv NU]1768. Circular Strings11 Apr 2010 18:551  
Questions on the problemLSBG1768. Circular Strings11 Apr 2010 17:361  

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