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Discussion of Problem 1769. Old Ural Legend

Brute Forcepocochuk1769. Old Ural Legend11 Apr 2024 03:490  
Test 19Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1769. Old Ural Legend26 Mar 2019 16:171  
Why my algo is right?Felix_Mate1769. Old Ural Legend9 Feb 2019 17:211  
finallyAnton1769. Old Ural Legend21 Mar 2017 23:042  
Suffix AutomataTakanashi Rikka1769. Old Ural Legend4 Mar 2016 20:320  
WA 43 and 51[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1769. Old Ural Legend20 May 2014 23:010  
Compilation errorDmitry1769. Old Ural Legend18 Apr 2013 13:091  
F1 !!! F1 !!!Hikmat Ahmedov1769. Old Ural Legend2 Apr 2013 19:433  
Easy solutionValenKof1769. Old Ural Legend28 Nov 2011 23:121  
WA6 please help. test insided3m0n1c1769. Old Ural Legend1 Nov 2011 21:052  
Why Crash#6, Help me please! Enigma [UB of TUIT]1769. Old Ural Legend24 Oct 2011 19:280  
WA #23Alexander Samal1769. Old Ural Legend7 Oct 2011 19:373  
Wa39 who can help me?Hrayr1769. Old Ural Legend29 Sep 2011 17:251  
Crash (acces volation) WA#6Aleksandar Ralic1769. Old Ural Legend26 Sep 2011 01:082  
TLE on test #6 (C++) how to improve algorithm?Ernestas1769. Old Ural Legend25 Sep 2011 21:590  
Time limit exceeded 6Michael1769. Old Ural Legend25 Sep 2011 21:428  
how to inputrusher1769. Old Ural Legend30 Apr 2011 10:181  
WA #17mastermana1769. Old Ural Legend8 Apr 2011 01:520  
WA #6. Please give some testRashad1769. Old Ural Legend7 Apr 2011 19:475  
PLEASE TELL ME WHY TLE? Hakobyan Tigran(RAU 902 Group)1769. Old Ural Legend22 May 2010 13:250  

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