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Discussion of Problem 1775. Space Bowling

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That's crazyandreyDagger`~1775. Space Bowling28 Sep 2023 00:351  
hintASK1775. Space Bowling1 Apr 2018 17:192  
For those who get WA @ Test #16TestKiller1775. Space Bowling28 Nov 2014 22:252  
If you have WA 2 ...Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1775. Space Bowling28 Nov 2014 22:192  
Can someone please give a hint for WA 21? :/Uros Joksimovic1775. Space Bowling19 Apr 2011 05:551  
WA 4Dejan1775. Space Bowling19 Apr 2011 00:062  
WA Test #21kolufild1775. Space Bowling18 Apr 2011 05:102  
Help please!Marginean Ciprian1775. Space Bowling16 Apr 2011 02:302  
Sample test clarificationelectroNik1775. Space Bowling13 Apr 2011 23:572  
wa2 =_=Yeah yeah1775. Space Bowling13 Apr 2011 02:421  
WHAT ALGO???Steven Oldrich1775. Space Bowling9 Apr 2011 04:381  
JavaKALO1775. Space Bowling9 Apr 2011 04:383  
Hint for those who have TLEVedernikoff Sergey (HSE: АОП)1775. Space Bowling6 Apr 2011 06:542  
Is there a faster algorithm?olpetOdessaONU [1 2/3]1775. Space Bowling6 Apr 2011 06:533  
WA on Test 2uP1775. Space Bowling11 Oct 2010 14:214  
No subjectNizhny Novgorod SU1775. Space Bowling9 Oct 2010 14:121  

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