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Discussion of Problem 1776. Anniversary Firework

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Python TLEMahilewets Nikita [BSUIR]1776. Anniversary Firework2 Sep 2017 18:491  
hintASK1776. Anniversary Firework27 Mar 2014 23:031  
give me a hint, please...BORODA1776. Anniversary Firework2 Feb 2014 04:024  
cannot get the meaning, sigh.hliu201776. Anniversary Firework3 Jun 2013 09:281  
WA# 6Artem Khizha [DNU]1776. Anniversary Firework9 Nov 2011 03:1712  
ComplexityAT11776. Anniversary Firework9 Oct 2011 23:542  
Please explain algo faster than N^4Vasily Slesarev1776. Anniversary Firework8 Sep 2011 11:044  
give answers for N= 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17Vasily Slesarev1776. Anniversary Firework18 Aug 2011 22:522  
Which of these formulas correct for this problem?Ibragim Atadjanov (Tashkent U of IT)1776. Anniversary Firework27 Oct 2010 16:241  
2 admins : Minor typo in russian statement2rf1776. Anniversary Firework25 Oct 2010 02:392  
help wa6Ibragim Atadjanov (Tashkent U of IT)1776. Anniversary Firework23 Oct 2010 02:183  
About HintSuperLight1776. Anniversary Firework10 Oct 2010 15:112  

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