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Discussion of Problem 1785. Lost in Localization

274 байт)))kostan3 (kostan3@spaces.ru)1785. Lost in Localization26 Dec 2023 12:031  
There is a solution in one line!Alex_m_1785. Lost in Localization25 Dec 2023 21:400  
AC. Take a look at my original solution :)Anton Smoliakov1785. Lost in Localization21 Jan 2022 11:280  
C# что не так?Skylock1785. Lost in Localization1 Dec 2020 19:381  
Что не так ? What's wrong?Maksim_Yudin1785. Lost in Localization3 Mar 2020 14:331  
No subjectAndrew1785. Lost in Localization13 Jan 2020 18:120  
Please don't write code like if (n>=1 && n<=4)zorggish1785. Lost in Localization28 Sep 2018 01:580  
C++ Help!!!Владимир1785. Lost in Localization8 Sep 2018 20:151  
С#TheVoold1785. Lost in Localization19 Apr 2018 01:541  
The code on Python work correct whe same code on Ruby have wrong answer #3Valentin Gulyaev1785. Lost in Localization26 Feb 2018 00:332  
Help me please!Roa281785. Lost in Localization15 Jan 2018 18:243  
wrong answer #8 - solvedMoustafa Shahin1785. Lost in Localization30 Sep 2017 06:570  
1785. Трудности локализации Ruby 1.9 Time limit exceeded Chernobuk1785. Lost in Localization5 Jul 2017 22:232  
Please helpLuckyD1785. Lost in Localization15 Mar 2017 15:412  
WA19Alexandr Vasilyev1785. Lost in Localization11 Jul 2016 20:160  
Got AcceptedMegapolice1785. Lost in Localization29 Mar 2016 18:493  
0.001 second How it's possible? My result: 0.015IlushaMax1785. Lost in Localization7 Mar 2016 18:340  
whats wrong?ARifkyF1785. Lost in Localization25 Nov 2015 00:441  
solution du problem 1785 accepted in gcc\c++Imane1785. Lost in Localization2 Jul 2015 03:520  
Wrong answer #17 (C++) Kirill1785. Lost in Localization30 May 2015 00:101  

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