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Discussion of Problem 1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses

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Can someone give me some detailed explanations about his solutions to this problem?aclsh1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses23 Apr 2015 22:251  
WA17George Agapov1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses11 May 2014 14:173  
how to solve with dp?xurshid_n1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses24 Apr 2012 19:133  
In the same order?Newbies1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses19 Apr 2012 00:152  
Anybody would like to share some ideas? Thanks.[York Hotel] 3xian1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses16 Jan 2011 21:367  
I acIbragim Atadjanov (Tashkent U of IT)1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses23 Oct 2010 15:129  
Simple TestcaseAlexander Georgiev1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses19 Oct 2010 00:081  
WA 12 okulov-nikolay1791. Uncle Styopa and Buses18 Oct 2010 13:371  

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