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Discussion of Problem 1795. Husband in a Shop

wa9Лев1795. Husband in a Shop25 Nov 2021 23:390  
If you get WA9Mescheryakov_Kirill [SESC17]1795. Husband in a Shop25 Nov 2021 23:181  
For whom, who get WA 26SFU ISIT Jr.1795. Husband in a Shop27 Sep 2019 00:251  
WA 2Andris1795. Husband in a Shop30 Mar 2018 10:320  
WA 11NumbMoon1795. Husband in a Shop2 Jan 2017 23:520  
Runtime error test 9NumbMoon1795. Husband in a Shop2 Jan 2017 21:140  
If you have WA 3Moonstone [Samara SAU]1795. Husband in a Shop2 Jan 2017 21:094  
Can't figure out the "swap" partNumbMoon1795. Husband in a Shop2 Jan 2017 18:200  
WA20Lev_Kireenko 🐬 [SESC 17]1795. Husband in a Shop27 Jul 2016 17:250  
WA #10vtalgo16_alysenko1795. Husband in a Shop6 Jun 2016 02:460  
For whom, who get WA 9Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1795. Husband in a Shop11 Oct 2015 20:192  
test 22Dmitriy Black1795. Husband in a Shop3 Sep 2014 15:541  
WA8. What the f??k :)Evgeniy++1795. Husband in a Shop13 Feb 2014 18:497  
WA9PrankMaN1795. Husband in a Shop18 Aug 2013 02:420  
Admins, please check test 8 for submission 4909253 on Javad3m0n1c1795. Husband in a Shop27 Apr 2013 00:392  
wa14mihaildemidoff1795. Husband in a Shop22 Jul 2012 21:003  
QuestionAndrew Sboev1795. Husband in a Shop5 Jul 2012 14:411  
WA13 PLEASE, give me some testANDREY1795. Husband in a Shop10 Mar 2012 19:282  
WA 9Azad1795. Husband in a Shop15 Nov 2011 02:341  
WA #10Mirsaid Mirolimjonov (MSU Tashkent)1795. Husband in a Shop10 Nov 2011 18:491  

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