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Discussion of Problem 1800. Murphy's Law

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WA#3Int.se221800. Murphy's Law21 Oct 2021 22:161  
this is formula of physicsAdhambek1800. Murphy's Law19 Jul 2018 07:192  
TestProba1800. Murphy's Law19 Jul 2018 07:198  
I get AC on 0.031s. and 118 КБhappylist1800. Murphy's Law1 May 2018 01:263  
What about test #23?Dmitriy991800. Murphy's Law2 Jan 2018 16:122  
Be simple. Mahilewets1800. Murphy's Law24 Jun 2017 16:451  
WA#34BZz131800. Murphy's Law24 Dec 2015 19:302  
Unexpecded place to find an errorVladislav1800. Murphy's Law31 Oct 2013 16:401  
About the formulaNguyen Nguyen1800. Murphy's Law7 May 2012 22:432  
WA#15SpartakusMd1800. Murphy's Law14 Mar 2012 22:364  
fast solution with wrong ideaBaz1800. Murphy's Law19 Oct 2011 12:111  
Why WA#16 ? =NRZ=1800. Murphy's Law27 Apr 2011 00:281  
WA #4=NeRRouZ=1800. Murphy's Law10 Apr 2011 17:581  
it accepted!Jumbo1800. Murphy's Law23 Mar 2011 16:012  
What about length?Dmitry1800. Murphy's Law17 Mar 2011 23:312  
why wrong answeredward1800. Murphy's Law28 Jan 2011 23:142  
who know test 5,,,help!!!Virtuoz1800. Murphy's Law18 Jan 2011 03:502  
No subjectNathalie1800. Murphy's Law28 Nov 2010 01:291  
Ошибка?KazNU_DM1800. Murphy's Law2 Nov 2010 17:264  
WA#3airlord1800. Murphy's Law31 Oct 2010 16:213  

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