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Discussion of Problem 1820. Ural Steaks

Easy way to think about the problem (hint)Steve1820. Ural Steaks28 Feb 2015 23:363  
Don't cook steaks like that!alextj1820. Ural Steaks11 Feb 2015 01:340  
When rounding (particularly test 13)Roger Collins1820. Ural Steaks23 Jan 2015 11:000  
Why the output for sample input isn't 4?Alaska . PK1820. Ural Steaks11 Dec 2014 23:3210  
c++ Accepted answer(efficient and simple to understand)+explanationLawrence1820. Ural Steaks19 Oct 2014 06:372  
confusion Garik1820. Ural Steaks11 Oct 2014 21:480  
to admins: yet another testTwoEightNine [146110Butorov]1820. Ural Steaks19 Sep 2014 09:360  
Моя мама сказала, что 3 котлеты за 3 минуты жарят только программисты.IPRIT1820. Ural Steaks5 Aug 2014 16:281  
for solve this problem you should know this...mhg1820. Ural Steaks7 Jul 2014 17:220  
Test 8Adil1820. Ural Steaks23 Jun 2014 18:374  
WA8endtimes1820. Ural Steaks20 May 2014 22:403  
Why?without1820. Ural Steaks11 May 2014 18:271  
How to solve this problem without sturcturesyutr7771820. Ural Steaks24 Dec 2013 23:141  
A mistake in the example.asiorx221820. Ural Steaks10 Sep 2013 01:581  
test 30Alex1820. Ural Steaks1 Sep 2013 23:490  
14 testValder1820. Ural Steaks27 Aug 2013 16:323  
test#3 PLEASE HELP!!!kami_botanik1820. Ural Steaks27 Aug 2013 16:251  
Pascal. Who could help me, please?Michael [SESC UrFU]1820. Ural Steaks27 Aug 2013 13:152  
Почему не работает??Jacob1820. Ural Steaks23 Aug 2013 20:051  
Pascal Compilation error. Why?Michael1820. Ural Steaks20 Aug 2013 16:380  

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