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Discussion of Problem 1876. Centipede's Morning

If you are confused about problem description, there are 2 extra clarificationsyamininja191876. Centipede's Morning22 Aug 2023 07:370  
WA-1watashi1876. Centipede's Morning27 May 2023 02:5214  
why runtime errorKolodkin Konstantin1876. Centipede's Morning7 Oct 2021 18:550  
Understanding the solutionMARAZ MIA1876. Centipede's Morning11 Jan 2021 22:522  
Poor centipede :-DArtur Mazgarov1876. Centipede's Morning9 Feb 2019 21:201  
Clarification on the taskAleksandr1876. Centipede's Morning24 Jan 2017 17:251  
What is trickly test 2?Strekalovsky Oleg [Vologda SPU #1]1876. Centipede's Morning12 Mar 2016 19:3210  
Wrong answer c++Sunbro1876. Centipede's Morning1 Nov 2015 18:102  
Wrong answer in Java 1.7 test12Axmadjon1876. Centipede's Morning5 Aug 2014 21:391  
WA 12Kirill_Khapov1876. Centipede's Morning26 Apr 2014 10:151  
To Judges - unclear statementZura Isakadze [Tbilisi SU]1876. Centipede's Morning3 Jul 2013 19:140  
No subjectQodirov Nodir [ Tashkent U of IT ]1876. Centipede's Morning6 Apr 2013 00:141  
What answer is for a=41 and b=40? giorgi1876. Centipede's Morning26 Oct 2012 18:091  
Can't understand the problem!!! Help pls!!!!B_o_y_k_a1876. Centipede's Morning22 Sep 2012 18:453  
No subjectmorbidel1876. Centipede's Morning21 Mar 2012 23:531  
No subjecthassan alipour1876. Centipede's Morning19 Mar 2012 18:161  
Больше тестовRoma1876. Centipede's Morning24 Oct 2011 10:291  

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