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Discussion of Problem 1877. Bicycle Codes

Accepted C#Developer1877. Bicycle Codes14 May 2014 17:510  
Something is wrong (Ruby)warezoogle31877. Bicycle Codes14 May 2014 00:501  
Why this code on java does'n work/Почему код на java не работает(не проходит проверку)Big_Brother1877. Bicycle Codes14 Mar 2014 13:332  
ac codeJDBaha1877. Bicycle Codes28 Sep 2013 23:105  
What is wrong?pimiento1877. Bicycle Codes24 Sep 2013 01:510  
What is this Test #14?Inacio Medeiros1877. Bicycle Codes25 May 2013 03:370  
Why my code does not work? Any sample input to think?Hissain1877. Bicycle Codes5 May 2013 00:532  
Python3.3 Runtime errorExxtay1877. Bicycle Codes20 Feb 2013 21:481  
Please! Tell me anyone, What's tested in test 3? All my attempts stopped in third test!(((kami_botanik1877. Bicycle Codes9 Feb 2013 02:210  
Accepted (sudo rm -rf)Dan1877. Bicycle Codes8 Feb 2013 01:341  
wa3?mediant1877. Bicycle Codes8 Feb 2013 01:290  
Where is the mistake?LiSu1877. Bicycle Codes7 Sep 2012 21:200  
WA In test 14Eugene Mironenko1877. Bicycle Codes29 Apr 2012 17:050  
FUUUUUUUiDaniyar1877. Bicycle Codes19 Apr 2012 02:240  
very easy q. however i got wa, does anybody now test 32???Shabdanbek1877. Bicycle Codes14 Apr 2012 23:380  
WA is test 14?RocBoy-D1877. Bicycle Codes25 Feb 2012 21:240  
converting from string to int Ahmad1877. Bicycle Codes8 Dec 2011 05:021  
Can u tell me what is fist test?dan201877. Bicycle Codes15 Nov 2011 16:061  
WA in test 3Saimon1877. Bicycle Codes13 Nov 2011 11:101  
what is it TEST3Daniel1877. Bicycle Codes26 Oct 2011 15:221  

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