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Discussion of Problem 1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues

What is false?mediant1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues6 Apr 2015 16:470  
WA #32 Who can give me test 32? Please!Mosca Felice1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues9 Jan 2015 00:130  
Test 4 and two more questionsAlexander Bondarenco1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues19 Dec 2014 03:581  
How to get AC 0.015?PrankMaN1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues19 Nov 2014 15:532  
time limit ex... WA test 7, Why???Garik1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues12 Oct 2014 03:560  
WA TEST#1fotol1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues9 Oct 2014 17:472  
What is the test 32Berol1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues31 Jul 2014 13:560  
Solving with Collectionsucb.churringo1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues4 Jul 2014 06:161  
No subjectSvetlana1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues31 May 2014 22:410  
Sorry. :-(Mazykach1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues25 May 2014 18:341  
help me find the bugИван1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues11 May 2014 15:460  
What is the test 2?Anam1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues13 Feb 2014 17:050  
test 4Aditya Rai1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues26 Oct 2013 19:261  
Why WA on test 10?Николай1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues24 Sep 2013 17:470  
WA Test 31Leinstay1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues13 Jun 2013 06:400  
why is the code Time limit exceeded?zhao kai1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues18 Apr 2013 12:200  
Time limit exceededKanatbek1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues25 Mar 2013 22:192  
Cannot allocate an array of constant size 0Beso1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues22 Feb 2013 19:130  
Crash Test 10Alexandr Zhelanov1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues20 Jan 2013 20:270  
ACBaz1880. Psych Up's Eigenvalues13 Dec 2012 00:283  

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