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Discussion of Problem 1889. Airport Announcements

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what is the way to the solution?TinyJanssen1889. Airport Announcements28 Dec 2020 16:443  
А это куда ...?vdprog1889. Airport Announcements15 Dec 2014 00:031  
WA#5warezoogle31889. Airport Announcements29 Jul 2014 01:491  
For whom, who get WA 14Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1889. Airport Announcements18 Jul 2014 12:451  
Test #2Aguero1889. Airport Announcements19 Nov 2012 05:422  
Which alhoritm?Abbath13491889. Airport Announcements10 Oct 2012 00:271  
Useful testsHikmat Ahmedov1889. Airport Announcements8 Oct 2012 06:253  
WA#14ZZmiy1889. Airport Announcements26 Mar 2012 19:181  
Why 2 is correct for example 1?Andreea Lucau1889. Airport Announcements21 Mar 2012 15:452  
WA5Baz1889. Airport Announcements20 Dec 2011 21:202  
howNew York Team1889. Airport Announcements2 Dec 2011 18:411  
Ответ Ivan_cheretaev1889. Airport Announcements29 Oct 2011 16:221  
second testAybek1889. Airport Announcements29 Oct 2011 14:562  
test 3nightwolf2121889. Airport Announcements29 Oct 2011 14:152  

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