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Discussion of Problem 1891. Language Ocean

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Test #5 plsVladislav Yavorsky1891. Language Ocean16 Dec 2020 10:131  
WA#37gautamvs1891. Language Ocean9 Aug 2018 20:102  
WA6George_Aloyan[PTSObninsk]1891. Language Ocean3 Feb 2016 11:142  
WA #20igloo1891. Language Ocean29 Oct 2015 05:232  
If you have WA14[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1891. Language Ocean25 Apr 2015 03:341  
java String split so good)QProgS1891. Language Ocean31 May 2014 22:181  
WA 27Sunnat1891. Language Ocean20 May 2014 19:021  
WA #5igloo1891. Language Ocean21 Jun 2013 02:081  
Why WA1?Andrew Sboev1891. Language Ocean8 May 2012 22:401  
What's test 7?purplest1891. Language Ocean27 Mar 2012 11:061  
What's test 14?xiaohao()1891. Language Ocean18 Dec 2011 00:332  
Wrong Answer Test 4Andrew_RUS1891. Language Ocean10 Nov 2011 18:203  
No subjectGeorge_Aloyan[PTSObninsk]1891. Language Ocean29 Oct 2011 23:283  

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