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Discussion of Problem 1930. Ivan's Car

Still WA #11 ?Hikmat Ahmedov1930. Ivan's Car16 Aug 2023 16:303  
I will just post the soution because i want to ruin it for you ;)Ishan Pandey1930. Ivan's Car28 Mar 2023 23:192  
Easy 0-1 bfs with deque👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1930. Ivan's Car23 Feb 2021 19:480  
What is test 5?mr.erfan1930. Ivan's Car31 Jul 2020 21:050  
Test for WA5Vladimir Plyashkun [USU]1930. Ivan's Car24 Jul 2020 17:151  
No subjectYuzhen1930. Ivan's Car22 Jul 2020 05:250  
My mistake for WA #6ajay jadhav1930. Ivan's Car8 May 2020 20:330  
quite a tricky quesluffy1930. Ivan's Car11 Feb 2020 23:400  
easy problembhaskar bhardwaj1930. Ivan's Car10 Feb 2020 23:550  
Hint...1930. Ivan's Car12 Jul 2017 17:221  
Any Idea about WA #5Apptica1930. Ivan's Car16 Jul 2016 11:340  
If you're using BFS :DGastonFontenla1930. Ivan's Car2 Aug 2015 15:050  
sample test case 2??how is it possibleayush vatsa1930. Ivan's Car26 Jul 2015 16:191  
If you have WA #12 . Try this test.Adhambek C#1930. Ivan's Car3 Jan 2015 15:163  
Problem with timeNarek X1930. Ivan's Car13 Aug 2014 22:313  
Just good test[RISE] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1930. Ivan's Car5 Aug 2014 16:270  
About using BFSskrcode1930. Ivan's Car27 Jun 2014 01:140  
WA 6Mamuka Sakhelashvili [Freeuni]1930. Ivan's Car9 Feb 2014 04:050  
WA12,,, please give me test...Hoderu1930. Ivan's Car17 Nov 2013 23:440  
is it correct test?Uzbek boy1930. Ivan's Car21 Jul 2013 02:291  

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