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Discussion of Problem 1941. Scary Martian Word

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Stupid task (RTE 13)andreyDagger1941. Scary Martian Word28 Nov 2021 11:471  
I was using STL container to store inequal wordsMahilewets1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jul 2017 00:162  
Format of inputFelix_Mate1941. Scary Martian Word4 Jul 2017 17:502  
What is format of input?Felix_Mate1941. Scary Martian Word8 Jul 2016 22:432  
WA1! Who can give some tests?Felix_Mate1941. Scary Martian Word7 Jul 2016 23:352  
What is test case# 2 ? please help me . draak_krijger1941. Scary Martian Word11 Jan 2016 01:211  
The array should be large, as large as possiblelasercat1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jul 2014 21:571  
test 2[TDUweAI] daminus1941. Scary Martian Word19 Feb 2014 00:132  
What is optimal asymptotic?Vladimir Plyashkun [CSU]1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jul 2013 00:102  
the limits are so generoustyomitch1941. Scary Martian Word20 Mar 2013 21:163  
About compilatorAliaksei1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jan 2013 17:373  
AHMEDE[TDUweAI] daminus1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jan 2013 17:131  
How many cases here?hnustpengtuo1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jan 2013 15:433  
What is the answer to this test?Anatoly1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jan 2013 15:402  
ANSISTRING[TDUweAI] daminus1941. Scary Martian Word5 Jan 2013 13:332  

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