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Discussion of Problem 1964. Chinese Dialects

Test for WA#17Zhabka1964. Chinese Dialects23 Jul 2021 13:560  
Why find two mins is wrong algoritm?AlexRad1964. Chinese Dialects18 Jul 2019 07:192  
Can you explain this problem?bad dream1964. Chinese Dialects18 Jun 2019 18:100  
wa #15👑TIMOFEY👑1964. Chinese Dialects8 Jan 2019 00:110  
This testcase helped me to fix WA13tepamid1964. Chinese Dialects1 Nov 2018 13:140  
WA #13. Dear Author, please commentDarwin's Grove1964. Chinese Dialects3 Jul 2018 08:034  
in case of WA#4nikitaevg1964. Chinese Dialects3 Jul 2018 06:563  
Why compilation ERROR?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?!?Ivan Metelev1964. Chinese Dialects25 May 2016 11:302  
WA#13 FreePascalDesire1964. Chinese Dialects14 Jan 2016 04:032  
Test # 13 why?AlexRad1964. Chinese Dialects14 Apr 2015 09:350  
Everyone speaks at least one language?Orfest (Novosibirsk SU)1964. Chinese Dialects28 Jan 2015 00:141  
Test13 Wrong answerKoshMar1964. Chinese Dialects27 Jan 2015 23:542  
WA #7 What is the problem? Pascal Mosca Felice1964. Chinese Dialects27 Jan 2015 23:291  
Is sum a_i >= nOrfest (Novosibirsk SU)1964. Chinese Dialects17 Jan 2015 20:261  
WA #13, what's the issue?Holykill (AUA)1964. Chinese Dialects3 Dec 2014 21:310  
More test!Daniel1964. Chinese Dialects1 Aug 2014 00:410  
Test 7 Arthur Timergalin1964. Chinese Dialects5 Jul 2014 22:440  
WA#13 please help me in JAVA 1.7Axmadjon1964. Chinese Dialects6 Jun 2014 12:280  
Cantonese is hard to learnraven1964. Chinese Dialects19 Aug 2013 00:110  
TL1, WTF?PrankMaN1964. Chinese Dialects9 Aug 2013 13:520  

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