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Discussion of Problem 1987. Nested Segments

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why wa10?Felix_Mate1987. Nested Segments20 May 2020 23:294  
If you have WA5SButterfly [Samara SAU]1987. Nested Segments5 Jan 2020 19:553  
Help meUnsocial_A1987. Nested Segments15 Oct 2018 17:142  
SolutionDenis Rozimovschii1987. Nested Segments29 Mar 2018 23:243  
Runtime error - Test 2Valentina1987. Nested Segments31 Jan 2018 23:231  
If you sort segments according to INCREASING length Mahilewets1987. Nested Segments3 Jul 2017 22:471  
Accepted 0.483 sec, 6992Kbnadinne1987. Nested Segments29 May 2017 14:152  
Test 24fallennoir1987. Nested Segments21 Aug 2015 00:082  
Clarity for Problem StatementJihan Yin1987. Nested Segments6 Jan 2015 22:492  
i'm sadTwo-Eight-Nine [[ §289]]1987. Nested Segments24 Apr 2014 04:069  
WA2Vetriti1987. Nested Segments30 Jan 2014 04:081  
To admins: checker is incorrectOlympic Bear (Nikolay Dubchuk)1987. Nested Segments6 Nov 2013 00:222  
Inclusive or exclusive?Bruce Merry1987. Nested Segments19 Oct 2013 13:282  

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