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Discussion of Problem 2011. Long Statement

Use next_permutationbuyolitsez2011. Long Statement24 Mar 2020 21:291  
9th testShohin2011. Long Statement21 Mar 2018 07:122  
No Need To Use Loop, Only If can solve it Sherxon WIUT2011. Long Statement30 Aug 2017 18:439  
How many tests are there, lol? Mahilewets Nikita [BSUIR]2011. Long Statement12 Aug 2017 16:210  
Why WA?Who can help me?Frank2011. Long Statement11 May 2017 12:161  
What is 56th testMukhammadali2011. Long Statement18 Nov 2016 20:520  
Explaining combinations for school studentsIlushaMax2011. Long Statement23 Apr 2016 17:320  
Just use next_permutation() in C++!GastonFontenla2011. Long Statement15 Jan 2016 17:360  
wrong ans #26.Is there any test. Bahodir | {TUIT} |2011. Long Statement15 Sep 2015 20:043  
Wrong answer 55, give me some tests, pleaseIvan Metelev2011. Long Statement17 Jun 2015 01:350  
What's WA#5?novopashinwm2011. Long Statement17 Jun 2015 01:152  
13th testPopovici Mircea2011. Long Statement7 Dec 2014 15:167  
very annoying problemarrammis2011. Long Statement4 Dec 2014 20:480  
Runtime error (integer division by zero) in test 70Anton Malyuta2011. Long Statement5 Sep 2014 06:0410  
scala too slow?Vassili Skarine2011. Long Statement17 Jun 2014 14:202  
easy solutionsonamon2011. Long Statement4 Jun 2014 00:090  
No subjectbdm25052011. Long Statement17 Feb 2014 15:310  
хотя бы шесть различных слов длины nSinigami172011. Long Statement13 Feb 2014 20:280  
12 test WAЛерник Казарян2011. Long Statement10 Dec 2013 12:482  
13th testMd. Mostafizur Rahman2011. Long Statement9 Nov 2013 14:550  

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