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Discussion of Problem 2018. The Debut Album

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Wrong Answer Test Case #1skartik2018. The Debut Album17 Mar 2020 11:411  
Python3 TLE 4 testDesserg2018. The Debut Album10 Jan 2020 16:342  
Anyone can tell me why is not working? (Test 4 Wrong answer)Claudiu2018. The Debut Album4 Jan 2020 18:021  
My explanationVladimir Putin2018. The Debut Album12 Jul 2019 04:291  
No subjectVladimir Putin2018. The Debut Album12 Jul 2019 04:181  
what is the meaning of this problem?Abbos Bo'kaboyev2018. The Debut Album24 Nov 2018 19:142  
Is my approach correct?Scaletta_Z2018. The Debut Album22 Nov 2018 18:101  
acceptedMikhail2018. The Debut Album8 May 2018 00:492  
Example TestcaseKhanhhuy_192018. The Debut Album6 Feb 2018 18:472  
Is "1513.Lemon Tale" the same problem? Mahilewets2018. The Debut Album18 Jan 2018 11:267  
Approach?Saurav Kumar2018. The Debut Album30 Sep 2017 02:315  
Better Understanding of statesAmil Khare2018. The Debut Album17 Sep 2017 14:261  
More test cases?Anirudh2018. The Debut Album20 Jan 2017 00:122  
WA4Carrot2018. The Debut Album15 Sep 2016 19:216  
can anyone tell me the solution to this problem i did it in n*a time complexity but for the space n*a it is giving memory exceededchomu18502018. The Debut Album30 Dec 2015 00:553  

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