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Discussion of Problem 2030. Awesome Backup System

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if you have wa 9Михаил2030. Awesome Backup System28 Jun 2019 16:411  
What is test case 21 about?Schwinn2030. Awesome Backup System1 Sep 2016 20:021  
Runtime Error (access violation) #17Majin Boo2030. Awesome Backup System1 Dec 2015 02:101  
Is the output to this testcase correct?Pinku Deb Nath2030. Awesome Backup System30 Nov 2015 00:112  
Little hint for test #8ImgJ2030. Awesome Backup System13 Apr 2015 23:511  
Time limitSnowball_TverSU2030. Awesome Backup System15 Jan 2015 16:336  
збсBirne Ageev2030. Awesome Backup System12 Nov 2014 20:055  

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