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Discussion of Problem 2033. Devices

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HINT If you get WA22Maxim Afripov2033. Devices21 Nov 2021 01:441  
WA #34GerkON2033. Devices30 Nov 2019 16:391  
WA 22. Give me some tests that may helpErkebulan2033. Devices11 Jan 2019 15:041  
AC on pythonivan pasechnik`~2033. Devices13 Dec 2018 21:181  
WA #10Rustam2033. Devices1 Jan 2018 23:086  
Wooohooooooooo AC ->some hintsIlushaMax2033. Devices31 Mar 2017 17:231  
can you tell me why it is wrong?xinxin2033. Devices20 Sep 2016 19:281  
What's wrong WA#9. Give me more testsnovopashinwm2033. Devices26 Aug 2016 16:321  
wa8 give me some examplesIlushaMax2033. Devices5 Jul 2016 17:161  
Wrong answer 32Nextatix2033. Devices20 Apr 2015 13:331  
WA #9mikhsatyshev2033. Devices26 Oct 2014 07:401  

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