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Discussion of Problem 2067. Friends and Berries

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test WA 12Mapu2067. Friends and Berries16 Oct 2019 01:241  
To Denis Chertanov Help with wa48Groote2067. Friends and Berries27 Sep 2018 15:051  
Help wa48/wa49Denis Chertanov 🐰2067. Friends and Berries6 Oct 2017 11:511  
If you are too lazy to solve it yourself read that spoilerMahilewets2067. Friends and Berries31 May 2017 16:561  
Can someone explain me how to solve this problem.Sanatbek_Matlatipov2067. Friends and Berries16 Nov 2016 17:572  
МехМат МГУ очень обрадовался данной задаче. Автору уважение.Tarek2067. Friends and Berries16 Dec 2015 11:521  

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