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Discussion of Problem 1214. Strange Procedure

smth wrong:
Posted by looser 7 Aug 2004 12:59
i have this code:
    long x, y;
    if( (x + y) % 2 == 0 )
        printf("%ld %ld", x, y);
        printf("%ld %ld", y, x);
and i don't check that x is > 0 and y > 0. Because "Input contains <...> output parameters of the function". so they are greater than 0! Can you explain me what is wrong?
Re: smth wrong:
Posted by Seyyed Mehran Kholdi 24 Jun 2008 01:24
Examine the code again. if x<=0 || y<=0, value of x and y won't change. Maybe you should mention that the function never returns any value. you must output the input parameters based on the value of x and y in the last line of the function.