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Обсуждение задачи 1328. Файрболл

WARNING I've tested out case 16, but I still can't understand why I'm in wrong.
Послано Innovative Cat. 19 окт 2004 10:55
10 10
5 5 5 5
my answer is 11.31, and I've drawn the picture, everything is right! could anybody tell me what the standard output is? what's your output?
My AC program outputs 45.00 (-)
Послано Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff 19 окт 2004 11:08
sorry. i can't log onto icq now. but.......
Послано Innovative Cat. 19 окт 2004 11:22
I think if the answer is 45.00, the fireball has ALREADY touched B, with only 2 touched of the wall!!!????!!!!
I output "45.00", and passed case 16...faint
my friend is adding you via icq now.
Послано Innovative Cat. 19 окт 2004 11:27
ACed, the problem description(at least the english version) is INCORRECT!
Послано Safe Bird (USU) 19 окт 2004 11:55
The direction of throw is selected such way that thrown fireball hits the target exactly after N collisions with the room walls. So (N+1)th collision is the collision with the target

I meant that the fireball should NOT touch B during the first N collisions. But in fact, I could. and that touch won't be considered a collision!!!!!!!!!
please change the description soon. thank you very much.
Послано Innovative Cat. 19 окт 2004 11:57