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Discussion of Problem 1328. Fireball

Sorry. Problem specification is not correct. It will be corrected soon.
Posted by Pavel Egorov (USU) 20 Oct 2004 22:14
In fact, you should consider, that until the last collision, fireball can fly through the wizard and the target.

Sorry once again...
   Problem Author

На самом деле надо считать, что вплоть до последнего столкновения файрболл может пролетать сквозь чародея и цель.

Еще раз прошу прощения.
   Автор задачи.
Text of problem 1328 was modified (-)
Posted by Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 21 Oct 2004 02:09
But it's still unclear
Posted by Joseph Puh the Battle Bear 6 Aug 2011 21:11
Text is still unclear... if fireball is passing through the enemy and not loosing its level, so why do 0-level one hit the enemy? this contradicts to statement (fireball can pass through any obstacle except wall)... even more - why in this case 0-level fireball is not hitting us?

Edited by author 06.08.2011 21:40