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Discussion of Problem 1450. Russian Pipelines

Posted by Ostap Korkuna (LNU) 24 Apr 2006 20:47
There is a country named [Сensored]. In this country the national instrument is called "balalayka". In the capital of [Сensored] the biggest square is called Red Square...
I don't have nothing against [Сensored], but there are some idiots who live there (like Gyrinovskiy), that like to say before think! And what thay say is very politically uncorrect!
I hope that authors of the problem are not such idiots. I'd like to wish the authors of the problem to think more before write such things in the problem statement.

It would be very nice for you to change the problem statement completly.

best regards, Ostap Korkuna.
You forgot about "bears", "vodka" and "valenki" ;) (+)
Posted by Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff 24 Apr 2006 21:15
I want to propose you to make your own contest - and I will be really pleased to read another funny story about country named [Censored] ;)
In [censored] bears in valenki's with balalajkas walk on streets and speak on iso-8859-5.
Posted by ronobe (aka oberon) 24 Apr 2006 23:40
Anyway, the task statement offends me in particular and I belive that there are a lot of other respected people, who are offended by such kind of "jokes".

In my opinion this "joke" has overstepped the limits of innocents...
How can you prove it? (+)
Posted by Dmitry 'Diman_YES' Kovalioff 24 Apr 2006 23:54
See, one may feel offended even if I write "the sky is blue". No concrete names of people and country are mentioned. Why do you think the story is about your country I respect very much? There are a lot of countries in the world who deal with Russian gas. Not all of them steal it in fact ;) But if you associate [Censored] with you country - you must have some reasons... More people from your country will complain about this problem - more people may think something politically incorrect about it. But we are not guilty of it, aren't we? Relax, the story is really cool. Maybe next time we will write something funny about the presidential elections in [Censored] ;)))

Edited by author 24.04.2006 23:58
Let me know your opinions.
Posted by Aleksandr Klepinin 25 Apr 2006 00:18
Dmitry, it seems that Michael Rybak is not the only man offended by this task statement. Isn't it?

As the administrator of this site I DEMAND this task statement to be rewritten. It DOES offend visitors of this site regardless of which coutry is hidden under phrase '[Censored]'.

Otherwise you have a choice: either I will change task statement by myself or task will be hidden from public (or completely removed from archive).

Everybody who got offended by the statement of this task, let me know about it in this thread. I completely agree with you. Please, avoid offending messages. Just let me know that there are a lot of people who wants Timus to be over politics. And let me know, which solution would you prefer: change of statement or task removal.
Re: Let me know your opinions.
Posted by xMagGTU Дмитрий Тишкин GPRS 25 Apr 2006 01:07
as Russian citizen i think that shuld corect not only
tsk about [cenzored] country
but and 1457(about old pop),
and ALL task in timus archive wich creat wrong understending about my GREAT matherland :)

One day is requested (+)
First, if the statement will be changed by you, all our twenty problems will be locked until we may come to some decision. And lots of programmers who have sense of humour and want to solve these problems will thank you very much for what you achieved because of several malcontents.

Second, now Ilya Grebnov, Nikita Rybak and me are trying to think out something. We need at least one day to do it.

Third, if you think it is so just and noble of you to put pressure upon us, you are mistaken. You forget something. We are not your subordinates. You do not pay us money for what we are doing here - for the sake of Timus Online Judge by the way. As you could see, our contests are much more popular than any contests before. We are still the Top Coders. So try to learn to respect us - at least as this site's best programmers - OK?

P.S. Now we are working at "Pascal vs. C++. Version 2" problem which is going to be added to the Volume 4 soon. But because of you we had to slow down our activity. Thank you very much, it is very useful for Timus.


IBM is short, Pascal is forever!

Edited by author 25.04.2006 03:04
Re: One day is requested (+)
Posted by Gluk 25 Apr 2006 05:12
Our, i'm so impressed by you kindness, really , yes you won't get paid for changing problem statement, but i'd like to inform you that in civilized world there exists such thing as "law" and your problem can be recognized as offending honour of some  country and peoople, so try be more carefull in future plz. Of course i understand that changing problem statement is a really exhausting job, so thank you for this great effort!
Thanks for cooperation (+)
Posted by Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 25 Apr 2006 15:24
No one wants to put pressure on you! We just want to make problem statements nonpolitical and inoffensive. You may assume it as a basic rules of this site.
Re: In [censored] bears in valenki's with balalajkas walk on streets and speak on iso-8859-5.
Posted by Alexander Prudaev 17 Jun 2006 16:40
JOKE? Where is a joke? Your Country repeatedly do it.
And every time your Goverment with the disgrace plead
guilty. You may call it "technical selection of gas"
but we call a spade a spade.

Goverment plead guilty and I don't understand why
you think that the statement is pollitically incorect.

We know that our geverment nothing better. And we say
about it, for example, in the statement of problem # 1457

Edited by author 17.06.2006 16:44
Posted by Alex Tolstov (Vologda STU) 28 Jul 2009 21:56
respect to authors. others can kill themselves by hitting the wall.
Re: o_O
Posted by Moonstone 15 Aug 2010 20:24
Can anybody upload original statement?
Posted by Otisler 2 Dec 2019 12:01
Школота detected. Such an intellectual "humor" from authors. It was kind of surprise to find such shet on Timus.

Edited by author 02.12.2019 12:02

Edited by author 02.12.2019 12:02