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Discussion of Problem 1416. Confidential

TLE#12. Algo Kruscal doesn't work! Help :(
Posted by Alexey 13 May 2006 17:29
Please, tell me what kind of mistake can I have?
I see that there are a lot of persons
who has problems with Test#12. Is there smth speciale?

Edited by author 14.05.2006 15:27
Re: TLE#12. Algo Kruscal doesn't work! Help :(
Posted by Oleg Strekalovsky [Vologda SPU] 31 Jul 2010 19:29
I also have TLE 12 and write Kruskal and his advanced version with DSU. It doesn't meter.
But when at finding secondcost i stoped finding, if secondcost became equal to firstcost i got AC at Java with 0.2 sec with complexity o(n^3) at worst case :-)

Edited by author 31.07.2010 19:32