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Discussion of Problem 1052. Rabbit Hunt

O(n^3) accepted fairly easy
Posted by Tabledott 13 Jun 2006 12:35
I coded O(n^3) that was accepted fairly easy... But I know there is O(n^2) algo but I don't know how to implement it.. Any Ideas?
Re: O(n^3) accepted fairly easy
Posted by Madhav 15 Jun 2008 15:04
Yaa i have the idea of O(n^2).First you can can calculate
the slopes of all lines in O(n^2).Create a class which contains the 2 points and the slope of the line joining two points.Note that there will be n(n+1)/2 nodes and define operator == as: slopes are equal and one point must be common to both the lines.
Re: O(n^3) accepted fairly easy
Posted by majorro 13 Oct 2020 05:00
I have tl with long double and wa with double on that O(n^2) solution

Edited by author 13.10.2020 05:01