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Discussion of Problem 1463. Happiness to People!

Something strange
Posted by H*J_ZHUJ 28 Aug 2006 20:39
Here a part of my program:


     maxn = 50000;

   gr : array[1..maxn, 1..maxn] of Integer;
   maxy : array[1..maxn] of Longint;

   c : array[1..maxn] of boolean;
   path : array[1..maxn] of Longint;
   d : array[1..maxn] of Longint;

   a : array[1..maxn] of Integer;
   vs : array[1..maxn] of Longint;

   que : array[1..maxn] of Longint;
   first, last : Longint;

   n, k, i, j, x, y, w, tmp, max, start, finish, u, v : Longint;

   stop : boolean;


When maxn = 500, I have WA#9.
When maxn = 20000, I have Crash (access violation) #9.
When maxn > 20000, sometimes I have ML #1 (But memory isn't shown!), sometimes I have Crash (access violation) #1.

What does it mean?

Edited by author 29.08.2006 02:57
Re: Something strange
Posted by Alexander Prudaev 29 Aug 2006 20:28
you can't use O(N^2) memory. it's ML
N^2*(1 byte)= 2.5GB

Edited by author 29.08.2006 20:30