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Discussion of Problem 1400. Cellular Characters

Posted by IGOR_LNU 9 Sep 2006 16:25
Those who worked above this program, help me. I receive Wrong Answer on the test №14. What can it be?
Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by AlexF 9 Sep 2006 23:06
I've just solve it! Here are some tests!
5 5
Mean = 1.20
0 1 2 2 1

5 1
Mean = 1.20

5 2
Mean = 0.8
1 1
0 1

And don't forget that the first simbol is connected with the last! It helped me to pass WA#12! Good Luck!
Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Bob 3 Nov 2006 19:04
I want to add that you can't move UP if there is no cell upper current cell and you can't move DOWN if there is no cell lower current cell.
Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Nechaev Ilya (Rybinsk SAAT) 4 Nov 2006 22:00
One more test:

1 1

Mean = 0.00
Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by IGOR_Lviv NU 11 Mar 2007 05:16
Thanks to all who helped me. It was my first ACM problem
which i tried to solve. :)
Re: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Snetch 27 Nov 2007 04:33
AlexF wrote 9 September 2006 23:06
And don't forget that the first symbol is connected with the last! It helped me to pass WA#12!
It did not help me, however; I still have WA#12
My program's output on your first two tests is placing the zero in the middle, but the task says: "If there are several variants, output any of them", so I don't think that would make the output fail. Maybe I am wrong?

Edited by author 27.11.2007 04:36