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Discussion of Problem 1373. Pictura ex Machina

To Admins
Posted by A Dying Wish 1 Dec 2006 15:23
There is a strange thing about Test 8.
The first code I've written had this function:

void update(double x,double y)
    if (x<xmin) xmin=x;
    if (x>xmax) xmax=x;
    if (y<ymin) ymin=y;
    if (y>ymax) ymax=y;
    return ;

And I just called it three times for every line in the input. But I got TLE17, so I tried to rewrite the code and omit this function. But I got WA8. I have changed nothing else, just put a fragment in my code like 'x=bla1; y=bla2;' and copied the body of the function...

So, what's the matter about the test?
Re: To Admins
Posted by Nechaev Ilya (Rybinsk SAAT) 3 Dec 2006 20:55
I have problems with test 17. When I use standart min() and max() functions i get TLE, and when I use

if (x<xmin)
    xmin = x;

instead I get WA 17 !!! It is really mysterious.