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Обсуждение задачи 1519. Формула 1

Wow =)
Послано Burunduk1 21 дек 2006 21:24
AC in 1.0 sec =)
Into memories :)

PS: If somebody (maybe authors?) can give me better solution, please, do it. I want to see these 0.375 and 0.437 very very much.
Re: Wow =)
Послано Hao Hu (Ikki @ Nanjing University) 29 дек 2006 12:11
I think you should use Dynamic Programming to solve this problem... like the "Betsy's Tour" if N > 9 ....
Re: Wow =)
Послано nttjuvwamsncc 31 янв 2007 21:42
how did you solve this problem by DP
can you give a recursive formula
Re: Wow =)
Послано nttjuvwamsncc 2 фев 2007 09:29
how do you solve this problem
Re: Wow =)
Послано BabyLIU 6 фев 2007 13:19
May you tell me How many testdata are there in this problem..

I got TLE on test18 and exceeded 0.046sec
Re: Wow =)
Послано Denis Koshman 18 июл 2008 22:19
My solution is DP, and it also TLs at 18th test. If I manage to optimize it, I'll tell you how :)
Re: Wow =)
Послано Denis Koshman 18 июл 2008 22:28
It is >= 0.046
Re: Wow =)
Послано Denis Koshman 19 июл 2008 07:10
Test 18 is empty 12x12 grid. But... there is test 19 =(((
Re: Wow =)
Послано Denis Koshman 20 июл 2008 12:34
HAHA, AC in 1 second too :))))))))))))))
Still, 18th test is precalculated (detector of empty 12x12 grid).

Edited by author 20.07.2008 13:15
Re: Wow =)
Послано Saatgut 14 окт 2008 10:57
WA #TEST18, then I precalculate the empty grid with 12X12, and pass it..
But continuely, WA #TEST19..