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C# programming language is supported now (+)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 31 дек 2006 01:28
The compiler is Microsoft ® Visual C# 2005 Compiler version 8.00.50727.42 (.NET Framework 2.0).
The most of problems can be solved using C#, except for those that can't be solved with Java (1220, 1275, 1306).

Edited by author 31.12.2006 01:31
Sample solution for A+B Problem in C# (+)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 31 дек 2006 01:36
using System;

public class Sum
    public static void Main()
        string[] tokens = Console.ReadLine().Split(' ');
        Console.WriteLine(int.Parse(tokens[0]) + int.Parse(tokens[1]));
If you need to read or write double (+)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 5 янв 2007 22:59
If you need to read or write double in your program, do not forget set culture to InvariantCulture:
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture;
One more hint for C# programmers (+)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 10 янв 2007 20:01
In some problems numbers are not necessarily separated with single space.

Console.ReadLine().Split(new char[] {' ', '\t'}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
instread of
Console.ReadLine().Trim().Split(' ')
C# compiler updated
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 8 фев 2009 02:57
C# compiler has been updated to Microsoft Visual C# 2008 version 3.5.30729.1 (.NET Framework 3.5)
FAQ section on C# added (-)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 12 фев 2009 03:03
The default decimal separator is now set to “.” (+)
Послано Vladimir Yakovlev (USU) 13 фев 2009 03:46
The default decimal separator is now set to “.”
All C# submissions to problems with floating-point numbers in input or output were rejudged. The verticts of about 800 submissions of 100 authors were changed.
Re: One more hint for C# programmers (+)
Послано Anton Pavlov 27 апр 2015 21:04
I have try to make some optimisation of input-output, but native read of stream does not bring some significant effect, and try of use Win32 api functions faults with runtime error on test 1 of task 1000. Where is the way to looking for?