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Discussion of Problem 1528. Sequence

The problem 1528 is under investigation (+)
Posted by Sandro (USU) 12 Mar 2007 02:06
As you can see, actual number of testcases in this problem is much less than 10000. Many of you will get TL in the tests with 10000 testcases. New tests will be added soon and maybe TL for this problem will be increased. Write more effective solutions. :)
Changes in prioblem 1528: (+)
Posted by Sandro (USU) 12 Mar 2007 15:19
Limitations were changed. Now all tests contain 5000 testcases or less. Timelimit was increased from 2 to 3 sec.
You can see that correct Java solution can pass TL easily.
By the way some new tests were added. 70 authors got TL and Crash.
Re: Changes in prioblem 1528: (+)
Posted by Vedernikoff Sergey 13 Mar 2007 09:48
By the way, new tests still too weak... Solution, that works about 5 secs. on my tests (within limitations), passes all timus tests within 1.6 secs. I think, number of tetscases should be decreased down to 1000, and timelimit should be decreased to 2 secs...
Re: Changes in prioblem 1528: (+)
Posted by Sandro (USU) 13 Mar 2007 11:31
You can mail me your tests: sandro sobaka plotinka ru .