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Discussion of Problem 1330. Intervals

Test #20
Posted by Jarlax 28 Mar 2007 02:37
My C++ solution was successful with 0.14 sec and 284k. Now i wrote the same algorithm in C#, and on 20 test i have ML on

char[] separator = { ' ', '\n', '\r', '\t' };
string[] input = Console.In.ReadToEnd().Split(separator,

int k = 0;
int n = int.Parse(input[k++]);

And TL on

int n = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

So, how I should read input data in C# to have AC?
Re: Test #20
Posted by Jarlax 28 Mar 2007 02:49
I got AC!
In TL version i wrote in cycle

string[] input = Console.ReadLine().Split(' ');
int l = int.Parse(input[0]),
    r = int.Parse(input[1]);

in AC version

string input = Console.ReadLine();
int pos = input.IndexOf(' ');
int l = int.Parse(input.Substring(0, pos)),
    r = int.Parse(input.Substring(pos + 1));

Whith this optimization program works 0.047 sec less, and i got AC :)