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Discussion of Problem 1299. Psylonians

WA 26 - Hint
Posted by diver[rus] 8 Apr 2007 13:50
"In all these cases X is calculated as follows: If the robot’s power supply has more than 100 energy units available, then X = 100; otherwise, X is the amount of power units remaining. Similarly, P is calculated as the smallest of two values: 20 and the actual amount of ammunition units remaining."

You should use this rule only while writing result command, and use default amount of ammunition and energy while calculating.
Re: WA 26 - Hint
Posted by Anton Chaplygin[Kungur,Perm kray] 13 Jun 2011 20:21
In my solution there was such bug, that in patrolling mode, after switching to defence mode my program hadn't exited and tried to move or turn.