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Discussion of Problem 1373. Pictura ex Machina

TO ADMINS: Invalid Test #11 (-)
Posted by DixonD (Lviv NU) 23 Dec 2007 16:48
There are trailing spaces in some lines of input in test 11.
Please, check this.

Edited by author 25.12.2007 02:47
Re: TO ADMINS: Invalid Test #11 (-)
Posted by DixonD (Lviv NU) 28 Dec 2007 02:50
Please, give me answer, don't ignore my request...((
OK. Test will be checked. (-)
Posted by Sandro (USU) 28 Dec 2007 16:19
Problem 1373 is modified. (+)
Posted by Sandro (USU) 31 Dec 2007 02:28
Now N <= 100000, Time Limit is 1 sec. All tests with trailing spaces are fixed.