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Discussion of Problem 1517. Freedom of Choice

Solving this problem with method of "PAZNAVANIA" (AC)
Posted by Giorgi Beridze[IBSU_Tbilisi] 17 Feb 2008 00:05
You can't solve this problem without paznavania, this is an unic method of solving. This method was created in the 12 century, by Greece phylosofers, but unfortunately, is destroied now, because Greece enemies destroies it. But there are legends that some nations stole the method of paznavania and I surely know that who solved this problem is a representative of that nation who stole, because, as you know, without paznavania this problem couldn't be solved... :((((

Edited by author 17.02.2008 00:48
Re: Solving this problem with method of "PAZNAVANIA"
Posted by mariam kupatadze 17 Feb 2008 00:18
Yes,I think that you are right,but I think that you were not right in the afternoon

Edited by author 17.02.2008 00:22
Re: Solving this problem with method of "PAZNAVANIA"
Posted by Anna Gandilyan 17 Feb 2008 00:19
I agree with you, but I see that you don't know the history of this method very well. Method "Paznavania" is the result of developing of method "Dazozorivanie", which was created in ancient times and later, step-by-step it reached it's highest perfection and was given a new name "paznavanie"(by its developer Numanchik Paznavaius). I tried to test method "dozozorivanie" but unfortunately there is time limit problem:( so "paznavanie" is the one method to solve this problem.

Edited by author 17.02.2008 00:55