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Discussion of Problem 1586. Threeprime Numbers

module 10^9 + 9
Posted by TrickY 6 May 2008 01:53
I did not quite understand this part.
"calculated modulo 10^9 + 9"
What does that mean, and what is it used for...?

I know what modulo is, but I don't know what am I supposed to do with it... :)

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Re: module 10^9 + 9
Posted by Nenad Bozidarevic 6 May 2008 13:07
There are too many solutions for larger input data, so instead of outputting "solution", you should output "solution mod 1000000009" - if you do not do that during the calculations, the number of solutions will exceed the maximum long size (approximately 2*10^9), therefore crashing your program.22
Posted by Ganesh R 2 Feb 2012 21:43
I cant understand the o/p. What is the procedure actually.. How can we get 204 on the i/p 4. Can u pls explain
Re: module 10^9 + 9
Posted by daminus 2 Mar 2012 02:43
There is last limit of programming language! It will be incorrect when you not use 1000000009!!!! (only 1000000009)